Things you need to know about mental health

When we talk about our health then mental and physical health both are necessary. Just like our body needs exercise, healthy eating habits to remain healthy similarly our mind need proper care because it affects our behavior and daily routine activities. It also affects our thinking ability. Due to increase in mental disorder, elderly mental health care homes are now been increasing. You can also contact with care home companies UK if you need to find care home for your loved ones. But there are something that you must know about mental health so that you can better take care of your mental health. 

What is mental health?

Mental health is associated with the cognitive, behavioral and social well being. Our daily activities that we perform in our lives are associated with our mental health. If we are not healthy mentally then it also affects our physical health. It can also be described as state of well being when a person knows about his abilities. 

Risk factors:

It is considered that all of the persons are at the risk of developing mental disorders. But basically these depend upon many other factors such as eating habits, life style of person and metal state of person. The persons who are aged, they are at high risk of developing metal disorders. 


There are no proper diagnostic tests to detect mental disorders. These are always diagnosed on the basis of symptoms. But in most of the cases, symptoms are detected at the end stage. 

Effect of mental health on our daily life:

Brain is responsible to perform all our daily activities. We can not even think or move if our brain is not functioning properly. So our mental state affects our daily routine activities and our physical health too.  So if you want to stay healthy then you must take care of your mental health. 


Most of the mental disorders are irreversible and these can not be treated. However, only few disorders can be treated only but their treatment is not successful till yet. 


It includes various treatments such a speech therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy but these therapies are used to treat depression and anxiety. Other mental disorders such as dementia can not be treated by this. 


Although there are many medicines which have been developed for mental disorders but these only give symptomatic treatment e.g. antidepressants. These induce sleep but these do not treat depression.