Types of Vapes

If you are a newbie at vaping and you might have searched for types of vapes on the internet and you must have found a lot of vapes. But if you have reached here, then you have to read this article because here you will read about the most basic vapes. Vaping can be confusing and we are here to make sure that you get the vape according to your level. If you are smoking for the first time, you will need a light one and if you are an ex smoker, then you will need to buy a vape that is a bit advanced. You can find e-cigarette in Abu Dhabi.

The first kind of vape looks like a regular cigarette and it is called the cig a like vaping device and some people also call it first generation vape. This is the kind of vape that is best for amateurs because it produces the same dense smoke but it doesn’t have any kind of flavor which means that it doesn’t have any kind of side effects. Although some people tried to use it for long time but they ended up hurting their ears, jaws and mouth muscles. There is a reason that this is called the first generation vaping device, this means that you should start slow and go to next level slowly. This first generation vaping device uses small batteries. You will find the best types of vape shops in Abu Dhabi.

Then there are vape pens. These are the kinds of vapes that are called the second generation vaping device. They look like pens but the only difference is that this has a bigger pout on the front. And you can also add flavor in it. This second generation vaping device uses bigger batteries and it has a single button on it. These are available in vibrant colors and sizes and they vary from price to price. Then there are vaping mods which are also called the third generation vaping devices. These devices look like someone has shrunken the bottle of Jack Daniels. Because they have a box in the bottom and an extended pout on the top. The last is the pod systems which is also called the newest generation vaping devices, these resemble to your pen vaping devices but they are more powerful and produce the most dense type of device.