Problems a Printer can create

We wholeheartedly apologize to all people who have gone through the rough times when your office printer decided to break up with you and stop working exactly when you needed it the most. But don’t worry as every problem has a solution to it.

Here we have a list of all those times when your sharp copier Dubai or printer broke down and you have no idea what just happened.

Stuck in the machine

This problem is pretty common. Whenever you are in a hurry to print ten or more pages, one of them gets stuck inside making you late for meetings and all the other important places where you had wanted to reach on time.

The reasons of paper getting jammed can be countless. From not using the right size of paper to all the way to loading it incorrectly, papers have their own timing and moods. 

There is only one way to help you in getting your printer back is by manually pulling the paper out and reloading the tray. This step has to be taken correctly to ensure the safety of printers. Sometimes dust also clogs up in the printer making it hard for the machine to pass the paper to the next level and delivering the desired results.

Paper streaks You know what’s more painful than 100 days of snapchat streaks breaking? Streaks on your finished draft of hard copy. The deforming unwanted lines on your printed pages can be very problematic at times. There can be several reasons as to why this problem occurs and what are the solutions to it. The main reason being the presence of substances on the scanner glass or mirror which leads to this result. This is pretty easy to get rid of by dusting and cleaning the glass very carefully as it is a sensitive part of the printer as suggested by Ricoh printer distributor in Dubai